De Luxe Coconut & Apricot Wax Candle



Black Dahlia & Birch

In nature, dahlias have no smell. It is therefore a fantasized and mysterious perfume. Mixed with the very marked smell of birch with its smoky, pungent and warm side. It is an odor that can resemble leather, leather goods or the burning of a wood fire.


Cashmere & Vanilla 

Cashmere in warm, woody and soft tones. Vanilla is a scent that we know better, so it is easier to imagine. It is a noble and exotic fragrance.


Cedar Wood & Neroli 

Cedar wood will most likely bring back memories: that of a sharpened pencil, that of a wood sawmill, etc. It is a round and warm fragrance. Mixed with the sweet floral scent of neroli. It is a fragrance that alternates between the acidity of bergamot and the sweetness of tangerine.


Saffron & Tobacco 

Saffron is a rare spice with a strong character, distinguished by its leathery and tarry scent. Combining very well with woody notes, we decided to mix it with the smell of tobacco. Not the cigarette tobacco we know, on the contrary! It gives off a warm, honeyed, sweet and aromatic scent. It brings a richness to the fragrance of the candle.


Violet Orris & Sandalwood 

This is a fairly floral and sweet fragrance, but interspersed with the warmer, more sensual and woody notes of Sandalwood. The whole makes it a very pleasant candle, not too feminine despite its floral side.


Iris & Ginger Flower 

Iris has a subtle and rich scent, out of the ordinary. Once again, a small floral side, but interspersed with the spicy, citrusy side of the ginger flower. Not too feminine despite the floral side for this one, too.


Blood Orange, Agave & Lime 

The candle par excellence for the fans of citrus, but also a little more honeyed and sweet side.

Blackcurrant and rhubarb: Fruity and bitter, very fresh fragrance. Rhubarb brings tonic, slightly acidic and floral notes.


Patchouli & Pink Amber 

Patchouli is known for its very characteristic smell. It is a woody fragrance. Interspersed with pink amber which is more feminine, it is the perfect blend.


Gardenia & Grapefruit 

Gardenia gives green floral and fruity notes. Grapefruit comes to cut it all with its very pleasant citrus scent.


Orchid & Black Amber 

The orchid is a very floral scent, which is cut by the sensuality, warmth and the more full-bodied side of black amber. Again, a floral candle, but not too feminine.


Creme de Mamao & Cassis 

Fruity fragrance, a little floral. Very interesting.


Ginger Wood & Palo Santo 

Ginger wood brings both spicy and sweet notes. Interspersed by the palo santo, more woody. It is the perfect match.


Green Banana & Pink Fig 

Fruity, green and creamy notes for this candle. Very softly, a small floral side too.


Pear & Honey 

We know the pear with its sweet smell. Honey for the same kind of smell. So it's a sweet candle, but not like a candy. Sweet like a fruit. Very pleasant.


Honey & Bourbon 

The sweet sweetness of honey and the more masculine side of bourbon. It makes one think of a chic lounge cigar, as a scent.


Moss & Damp Fern 

Earthy, forest notes come to mind. This is the most surprising scent of the collection, according to us. It's worth a try, a favorite.


Sage & Lavender 

Sage is an aromatic plant that has a woody and earthy scent, but also floral. Mixed with lavender, which is very herbaceous and floral. It gives a very interesting mixture.


Salty Air & Honeydew 

You can almost smell the iodized air, typical of the sea. Mixed with the sweeter side of honeydew. It is a fresh and very pleasant smell.


Hoping to have been able to help you understand the 19 wonderful, original, different and unique fragrances in this collection.

De Luxe Coconut & Apricot Wax Candle


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